Engraved Die Machines

Marks Pryor are master engravers of steel and offer a wide range of dies to suit most industrial applications and the many different materials that require marking, Features
High precision, durable dies to provide clear marking on your product.
In house expertise and experience in inscription design, application engineering, and the selection and heat treatment of appropriate tool steels.
Marks Pryor guarantee all our customers commercial confidentiality to ensure that branding and product launch information remains secure.
Die design approval if required and 3D visualisation of complex marks capability.
Ongoing database maintenance and the retrieval of previous masters ordered.
Inscription sizes down to 0.25mm and low stress options available for critical component marking.
CAD/CAM and CNC capability
Cigarette Printing Dies
Marks Pryor is the first choice within the tobacco industry for the supply of cigarette printing dies for the new generation high speed GD121 dies (pictured above) and Hauni Protos 2 machines, as well as older more established machine brands within the industry
Cigarette Printing Dies
Roller Dies
Roll marking is suitable for high output continuous processes by powered machines. Rolling an inscription into a component lessens the marking load because only a fraction of the inscription is in contact at any one time.
Roller Dies
Embossing Dies and Debossing Dies
Both flat and rotary embossing / debossing dies can be provided for the marking of materials such as steel, brass, aluminium, plastic, paper and card. An essential part of any such die is the material has the ability to flow throughout the die evenly, without causing the material to shear or tear. Marks Pryor expertise means the ability to provide semi shear dies, that provide sharper and more defined edges to the material being marked, dispersing the material thinly without tearing.
Embossing Dies and Debossing Dies
Coining Dies
The component is squeezed at high pressure between two female dies which forces the material to flow into the die cavity. This produces a raised relief on both sides of the component.
Coining Dies
Press Marking Dies
A flat or contoured die for use in a range of presses from the simple hand operated flypress through to hydraulic and pneumatic presses.
Press Marking Dies
Assay Punches & Sponsors Marks
Normal Hall Marking:
Produces a raised description with a sunken field when applied to a work piece.

Incisive Hall Marking:
Produces a “V” groove impression in the material marked, but requires less pressure to apply the mark, thereby facilitating the marking of fragile or thin material that is not suitable for normal hallmarking

Assay Punches & Sponsors Marks
Packaging Type
Type used in the food, tobacco, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for date coding and batch numbering. Packaging type can also be used for foil blocking and marking on film, card, plastic, paper and metal packaging.


Packaging TYpe
Hand Stamps

Hand stamps are the simplest method of marking. Striking the stamp with a hammer provides the marking force.

Typical Applications:

Cylinder marking: Individual stamps are used to mark cylinders to convey information, as well as conformity and inspection.

Hand Stamps

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